The rowans also named as mountain ashes are the shrubs or small trees. They belong to the family of Rosaceae and its genus is Sorbus. These are found in cool temperate region of Northern Hemisphere. It has many species and the highest species are found in the western China and in the Himalaya.

Rowan is known with many other names which includes Delight of the eye (Luisliu), Mountain ash, Quickbane, Quickbeam, Quicken (tree), Quickenbeam, Ran tree, Roan tree, Roden-quicken, Roden-quicken-royan, Round wood, Round tree, Royne tree, Rune tree, Sorb apple, Thor’s helper, Whispering tree, Whitty, Wicken-tree, Wiggin, Wiggy, Wiky, Witch wood, Witchbane, Witchen, Witchen Wittern tree.

Rowans can be seen in parks and gardens as they are very good small ornamental trees and are commonly seen in wildlife areas. Some of the species of rowan bears a white fruit and these are popular for their unusual berry. The trees will carry large clusters of fruits. These will attract fruit eating birds. The wood of the tree is widely used for carving and turning and in addition to this it is used for tool handles and walking sticks. It also serves as tannins in order to mordant vegetable dyes.

The berries of Rowan are used in making slightly bitter jelly and it is also used into jams and other preserves. The berries are used as a substitute for coffee beans. These berries have many uses in the preparation of alcoholic beverages. It is also used to flavour ale, liqueurs and cordials and is used to produce country wine.

Scientific Classification

Following is the scientific classification of Rowan

  • Kingdom – Plantae
  • Division – Magnoliophyta
  • Class – Magnoliopsida
  • Order – Rosales
  • Family – Rosaceae
  • Genus – Sorbus
  • Subgenus – Sorbus

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